Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Quick and Dirty

I gotta be quick. I didn´t realize how hard this would be. These computers aren´t exactly compatable with my vision, but I´ll make it work. Of all the pictures I brought to the internet cafe only two would download. There´ll be more
So It took about 51 hours to get to the capital city Merida of Merida the state. It was a fucked up journey that left me feeling trapped and home sick. Rock bottom was the bus station in Barquimeto. It was insane. Nowhere to sit and people yelling non-stop. I had to drag all my bags on torn up pavement and it was raining, luckily it´s warm when it rains.
Flying in was one of the most amazing things I´ve ever seen. The Andean mountains butt up against the Caribean coast. I have some really bad pictures from the plane. You were right, Patrick. But you can get the gist of it. I´ll probably put those on Flickr
Caracas and the big citys I´ve travelled through are really modern and primitive at the same time. So many fucking cars and no smog control. Sometimes I feel I´m going to pass out from the fumes.
Merida is even more beautiful. It´s right in the middle of the andes mountains, so every direction you look there are peaks and the clouds seem to just hang out in between ridges.
There´s just to much to talk about. I´ll have to figure out how to make this quicker. I´ll probably write it all out ahead of time on my mom´s computer.

The whole building is just cars, I´m sure it´s like this in New York or other spots in the states, but this just looks crazy

A bike cop chillin´on the divider of a freeway-like avenue. On this same road I saw an old pickup stopped in the middle of the road with a guy inside the engine compartment, all you could see was his head. I wasn´t quick enough with the camera.

Love you all. email me or message me on myspace. I´m a little homesick. more to come