Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my barrio

I´m so excited about this new park. you can see the apartments I´m staying at in the background. I´m going to try to go swiming here everyday. Everywhere you look is forrest and huge mountains.
The park has a huge stadium, fully equiped gymnastics arena, karate arena, judo arena, fencing arena, tennis, swimming pool, high-dive pool, and they´re still building more.
picturesque isn´t it? the bridge leads to the stadium.

the center lane is for a new trolly-bus.

I´m in the apt. buildings to the right, below.

to the left of the bridge. Most of the green is here to stay. Chavez made it all protected forrest. When I go back to Caracas and post the pictures of all the favela-like barrios on the mountains , you´ll see why. It´s crazy.

hope everyone is well.

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Anonymous said...

wow. it's beautiful and you found yourself an olympic-sized pool! is it always empty like the picture? the whole area looks like it's still in development.

i remeber san jose in costa rica was hella noxious too like you describe caracas cause of the cars. lack of smog control sucks.

i hear neem soaps are good to deter mosquitoes. also eating less sugar and carbs and more protein and garlic.

stay healthy.